字帖2016text1:1. it tells the fashion industry that it must take responsibility for the signal it sends women, especially teenage girls, about the social tape-measure they must use to determine their individual worth.2. and perhaps faintly,they hint that people should look to intangible qualities like character and intellect rather than dieting their way to size zero or wasp-waist physiques.intangible:adj. 无形的、难以描述的。wasp:n. 黄蜂。waist:n. 腰。physique:n. 体魄、体形。3. the charter’s main tool of enforcement is to deny access for designers and modeling agencies to copenhagen fashion week (cfw), which is run by the danish fashion institute.charter:n. 宪章、规章。enforcement:n. 实施。4. even better would be to help elevate notions of beauty beyond the material standards of a particular industry.notion:n. 概念、观念。

字帖2016text2:1. while polls show britons rate “the countryside” alongside the royal family, shakespeare and the national health service (nhs) as what make them proudest of their country, this has limited political support.poll:n. 投票,民意查询。proudest:adj. 骄傲的。2. the conservatives’ planning reform explicitly gives rural development priority over conservation, even authorizing “off-plan” building where local people might object.explicitly:adv. 清楚、理解。3. the sensible place to build new houses, factories and offices is where people are, in cities and towns where infrastructure is in place.infrastructure:n. 基础设备。4. the london agents stirling ackroyd recently identified enough sites for half a million houses in the london area alone, with no intrusion on green belts.

字帖2016text3:1. it argues that since prosecutors do not consume a company’s products as part of their investigations, they could be influenced only by the halo effect.prosecutor:n. 公诉人、查看官2. their analysis ruled out the possibility that it was firms’ political influence, rather than their csr stand, that accounted for the leniency: companies that contributed more to political campaigns did not receive lower fines.account:v. 认为是、视为account for:占比、致使leniency:n. 仁爱、广大3. “we estimate that either eliminating a substantial labour-rights concern, such as child labour, or increasing corporate giving by about 20% results in fines that generally are 40% lower than the typical punishment for bribing foreign officials,” says one researcher.eliminate:v. 打扫、铲除substantial:adj. 许多的bribe:v. 纳贿4. nor does it reveal how much companies are banking on the halo effect, rather than the other possible benefits, when they decide their do-gooding policies.

字帖2016text4:1. the infrastructure required to make a physical newspaper—printing presses, delivery trucks—isn’t just expensive; it’s excessive at a time when online-only competitors don’t have the same set of financial constraints.excessive:adj. 过火的、过度的。constraint:n. 捆绑、限制。做一份实体报纸所需的打印机、送货货车等基础设备不只是名贵的;在只出书电子版报纸的竞赛同行根柢不必承担这一套财务担负的年代,这也是剩下的。2. “figuring out a way to accelerate that transition would make sense for them,” he said, “but if you discontinue it, you’re going to have your most loyal customers really upset with you.”discontinue:v. 接连、中止。3. “it’s a really hard thing to do and it’s a tremendous luxury that buzzfeed doesn’t have a legacy business,” peretti remarked. “but we’re going to have questions like that where we have things we’re doing that don’t make sense when the market changes and the world changes.tremendous:adj. 无量的。luxury:n. 奢华。legacy:n. 遗产。

字帖2021text1:1. first two hours, now three hours — this is how far in advance authorities are recommending people show up to catch a domestic flight, at least at some major u.s. airports with increasingly massive security lines.massive:adj. 许多的。2. last year, the transportation security administration(tsa) found in a secret check that undercover investigators were able to sneak weapons — both fake and real — past airport security nearly every time they tried.undercover:adj. 隐秘作业。investigator:n. 查询员。3. enhanced security measures since then, combined with a rise in airline travel due to the improving economy and low oil prices, have resulted in long waits at major airports such as chicagohare international.机场自那时今后强化了平安办法,又因经济增加和油价下跌使得航空旅行人数添加,以上要素致使比方芝加哥奥黑尔世界机场等首要机场的排队等候时刻过长。4. there is one step the tsa could take that would not require remodeling airports or rushing to hire: enroll more people in the precheck program.enroll:v. 挂号、吸收。

字帖2021text2:1. protests have erupted over construction of the thirty meter telescope(tmt), a giant observatory that promises to revolutionize humanitys view of the cosmos.cosmos:n. 世界2. at issue is the tmts planned location on mauna kea, a dormant volcano worshiped by some hawaiians as the piko , that connects the hawaiian islands to the heavens.dormant:adj. 休眠的worship:n. 崇拜3. a small but vocal group of hawaiians and environments have long viewed their presence as disrespect for sacred land and a painful reminder of the occupation of what was once a sovereign nation.4. the same curiosity to find what lies beyond the horizon that first brought early polynesians to hawaiis shores inspires astronomers today to explore the heavens.5. calls to disassemble all telescopes on mauna kea or to ban future development there ignore the reality that astronomy and hawaiian culture both seek to answer big questions about who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

字帖2021text3:1. if everything was going so well, then why did over 17 million people vote for brexit, despite the warnings about what it could do to their country’s economic prospects?2. rather than just focusing on gdp, over 40 different sets of criteria from health, education and civil society engagement have been measured to get a more rounded assessment of how countries are performing.engagement:n. 订亲、约好。assessment:n. 观点、评价。3. so, what kennedy was referring to was that while gdp has been the most common method for measuring the economic activity of nations , as a measure , it is no longer enough.那么,肯尼迪指的就是,尽管gdp是衡量国家经济活动最广泛的办法,但作为一项衡量办法,它已然是不可的。4. but policymakers who refocus efforts on improving well-being rather than simply worrying about gdp figures could avoid the forecasted doom and may even see progress.doom:n. 去世,消除。
字帖2021text4:1. but it did so while holding its nose at the ethics of his conduct, which included accepting gifts such as a rolex watch and a ferrari automobile from a company seeking access to government.最高法院尽管这样做了,但一起对他的所作所为在道德标准方面不认为然,其行为包括从一家寻求接近政府的公司那里承受如劳力士手表和法拉利轿车等礼物。2. the high court’s decision said the judge in mr. mcdonnell’s trail failed to tell a jury that it must look only at his “official acts,” or the former governor’s decisions on “specific” and “unsettled” issues related to his duties.jury:n. 陪审团。3. merely helping a gift-giver gain access to other officials, unless done with clear intent to pressure those officials, is not corruption, the justices found.法官们判决,除非送礼者是带有清楚的意图向那些官员施压而采纳的送礼行为,否则只是是协助送礼者给他们制造触摸到其他官员的机缘,这并不构成贪婪罪。4. if connections can be bought, a basic premise of democratic society – that all are equal in treatment by government- is undermined. good government rest
s on an understanding of the inherent worth of each individual.premise:n. 条件,假定undermine:v. 损坏,逐步削弱

字帖2021text1:1. among the annoying challenges facing the middle class is one that will probably go unmentioned in the next presidential campaign: what happens when the robots come for their jobs?2. about half of u.s. jobs are at high risk of being automated, according to a university of oxford study, with the middle class disproportionately squeezed.disproportionately:adv. 不成比例的squeeze:v. 揉捏3. the industrial revolution didnt go so well for luddites whose jobs were displaced by mechanized looms, but it eventually raised living standards and created more jobs than it destroyed.loom:n. 织布机4. taxes on low-wage labor need to be cut, and wage subsidies such as the earned income tax credit should be expanded: this would boost incomes, encourage work, reward companies for job creation, and reduce inequality.subsidy:n. 补助

字帖2021text2:1. the implication is that millennials prefer news from the white house to be filtered through other source, not a presidents social media platform.implication:n. 意义filter:v. 选择2. during the 2016 presidential campaign, nearly a quarter of web content shared by twitter users in the politically critical state of michigan was fake news, according to the university of oxford.3. a 2014 survey conducted in australia, britain, and the united states by the university of wisconsin-madison found that young peoples reliance on social media led to greater political engagement.reliance:n. 依靠4. a survey by barna research group found the top reason given by americans for the fake news phenomenon is “reader error,” more so than made-up stories or factual mistakes in reporting.5. so when young people are critical of an over-tweeting president, they reveal a mental discipline in thinking skills – and in their choices on when to share on social media.discipline:n. 练习

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