good morning/afternoon, my dear teachers.i am very glad to be here for your interview. my name is xxx and i am?20 years old. i come from?nanjing, a very beautiful city. my undergraduate period?will be finished in?xxx in?june this year.my major?is?law, and i studied?business english too.

i worked very hard for the past 4 years and was awarded with the national scholarship?for one time and the university scholarship for twice in a row. at the same time, i passed the national judicial examination?and cet six.

i plan to concentrate on study and research in my professional field.?and i hope i can form a systematic?view of?law?and make a solid foundation?for future profession after three?years’study here.

this is all for my self-introduction. if i am lucky enough to get the chance, i will devote?all myself to the future researching.thanks for your attention.





my hobby is martial art?because it can strengthen the body?and exercise perseverance.?“nothing is impossible to a willing heart”.this attitude?is exactly what i need to keep moving forward in future. martial art, as a spare-time hobby, contributes a lot to the shaping of my personality?and i’ll?keep holding on to?it.


my favourite book is?the dream of the red mansions. i remember that when i read it for the first time, i was only 12 years old?and i see it as a tragic love story.since then i have read the book again every once in a while. what?impressed me most was that you can view it from different perspectives. every time i read it,?i have different?feelings?and can find new details . a masterpiece like the dream of the red mansions, without any doubt, can withstand the test of time.

fedual society; break the secular etiquette;dare to pursue love

2、?特长personal strength

my personal strength?is martial art. i have learned it for 5 years. it can strengthen the body and exercise perseverance effectively.?“nothing is impossible to a willing heart”.this attitude is exactly what i need to keep moving forward in future. martial art, as a spare-time hobby, contributes a lot to the shaping of my personality and i’ll keep holding on to it.


i would describe?mself as a dilligent?and hardworking/purposeful person. for example, in the past year i planned to pass the national judicial examination?and the postgraduate examination. in order to better prepare for the two exams at the same time, i made a detailed plan?and adjusted it according to my own situation. one years later, i passed?the national judicial examination and accept your interview?here.

4、?优缺陷strength; weakness


i feel that my strength?is my ability to make an organized plan?and stick to?it.?i feel a real sense of accomplishment when finishing a job as planned. for example, in the past year, i planned to pass the national judicial examination?and the postgraduate examination. in order to better prepare for the two exams at the same time, i made a detailed plan?and adjusted it according to my own situation. one years later, i passed?the national judicial examination and accept your interview?here.

i think my weakness is the lack of?impatient, sometimes i am too insistent. for example, at the beginning of the review, when it is difficult to achieve an unreasonable plan, sometimes i may want to finish it even if i must stay up late or use my rest time. however, it is easy to affect the focus of the subsequent learning, which is not worth the loss. i know?it?is challenging to correct it, but i’m sure i will get rid of it sooner or later, and i believe that’s the way how i grow up.

5、?家乡where are you from; hometown


i come from nanjing. through four years’ studies in wuhan,i missed nanjing very much. firstly, i am familar with this city and my home is here. furthormore,i love the delicious food in nanjing. my favourite is roast duck and belly noodles. beside,i like my hometown because it is a city with cultural atmosphere.nanjing became the first city in china to be named “capital of literature”。in nanjing you can see many libraries and bookstores, among which?my favorite is the pioneer bookstore. i like the quiet atmosphere of this bookstore, and i always spend time here on the weekend.

【nanjing, was formerly known as jingling and jiankang. it is the capital city of jiangsu province and situated on the middle and lower reaches of the yangzi river in eastern china.

nanjing is one of the most famous ancient chinese cities. there are lots of beautiful and historic spots such as confucius temple, presidential palace and ming emperors tomb .visitors to nanjing will be impressed by the city’s well-preserved traditional architecture and historical sights.

?the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (unesco) has approved 66 cities to join the global network of creative cities. 】

6、?家庭could you tell me something about your family? 


my family is not big but very warm and harmonious. there are four people in my family: grandmother,father, mother and i. my father is a lawyer. he is diligent and responsible, setting a good example for me. my mother is engaged in?the catering industry. she cooks and washes for us day after day, being the glue to keep our family together and harmonious. my grandmother is a?farmer, she is a hard-working and strong women.so this is my family. they give?me?a lot of help , both materially and mentally.

does your family support your decision on studying? what help do they offer?学习上你家里人撑持你嘛。他们是怎么撑持你的?

yes, my parents all support my decision of continue learning?after graduation. they provide me?with?a good studying environment?and comfort?me when i feel depressed. i think they are best parents in my heart.



1、?专业书本professional books;main idea of this text

my favourite professional book is the rule of law and its local resources?which?written by zhu suli.he?is a jurist who emphasizes?the importance of chinese historical tradition and social environment.?he opposes?the “transplantation” of western legal system and spirit into modern chinese society compeletly. this?book taught me that no matter how?righteous the role of law is portrayed, the bottom line is that it must solve practical problems?of the people and try to satisfy them, not confuse them.

for example,in?qiuju’s lawsuit, the judicial system did not give qiuju what she wanted. instead, it left a hidden danger of disharmony in her future life. from the point of view of the judicial staff, it belongs to justice, but the local people don’t think so. because they have different “local knowledge” .


i have?studied in hubei university of police since 2021. although it is not well known, i still appreciate it because it offers me a chance to develop my academic capabilities.?during my college years, i have made rapid and great progress.?i studied very hard, obtained one national scholarship?and two university scholarship?, besides,i passes the nationai judicial examination?which is of great importance for my major and further development. four years’ studying here?made me an independent and hard-working?girl. i really appreciated the education my university gave me.

what impressed you most when you were at university? 大学形象深化

in college, what impressed me most is the exploring?spirit?our teachers?imparted us. to think independently?and ask why?when facing any questions?and difficulties, you will make achievements. i deeply believe in it.?besides,don’t wait for the teacher to solve the problem for you, and shall?take the initiative to ask.

how did you enjoy your college如何享受大学日子

generally speaking, my college life is?busy and colorful. in my spare time, i took an active part in?broadcasting sation.?meanwhile, i organized different kinds of events?like the welcome party and the new year’s eve party. this valuable?experiences?enriched my life and improve?my capabilities effectively.

3、?本科时期最喜爱课程favorite subject;department law


my favorite department law?is?the civil law. the civil law has delicate characteristics?and is closely related to?daily life. although the contents of each?branch?such as property law and tort law?are different and each branch?has its own characteristics, it is actually linked and integrated with each other. even if the path is different, the end can lead to the same destination?which represents the principle of equality and voluntariness, presenting?a unique beauty of this?discipline.

4、?本科荣誉prize;honors and awards

during my college years,i?was awarded with the national scholarship for one time and the university scholarship for twice in a row. at the same time, i passed the national judicial examination and cet six. in addition, i won the third prize in the li changyu cup competition. this competition is mainly about the innovation competition of college students. ?

5、?结业论文方案进程the design process of graduation thesis; graduation thesis

my graduation?thesis is on the legalization?of administrative adjudication in our country. it is mainly about?how to take measures to standardize,?institutionalize?and systematize?the administrative adjudication system. during the preparation for this thesis, under the guidance of my tutor, i read many relevant articles and referred to some literatures?especially the book of research on administrative adjudication system?which written by wang xiaohong, it gave me lots of enlightenment. i think this experience is useful.

administrative adjudication means that the administrative organ or the organization authorized by laws and regulations reviews and makes administrative adjudication on specific civil disputes. the establishment of this system effectively makes up for the shortage of judicial resources and promotes the efficient and low-cost settlement of civil disputes. under the background of building a country ruled by law, the legalization of administrative adjudication system needs more attention. because it is?the objective needs of the practice of administrative adjudication, the inevitable requirements of the construction of the government ruled by law, the scientific guarantee of the conclusion of administrative adjudication and the important embodiment of the characteristics of administrative adjudication. at present, the legalization of administrative adjudication in our country mainly faces the problems such as the defects of laws and regulations, the unclear boundary between administrative adjudication and civil litigation, the lack of professional quality of administrative adjudication personnel, the imperfect filing and review system of administrative adjudication, and the inadequate implementation of relief related to administrative adjudication. therefore, on the premise of reflecting on the obstacles faced by the legalization of administrative adjudication, the relevant state organs should jointly explore the scientific path of the legalization of administrative adjudication system, and improve the administrative adjudication system from the aspects of legislative perfection, scope definition, personnel training, supervision mechanism and relief system, so as to make the administrative adjudication system become an efficient and convenient way to solve disputes.


1、?考研缘由why do you want to go to graduate school/ graduate school entrance exam


through four years’ studies in university, i find the knowledge that i have?mastered?is not enough to solve mant legal?problems even though i got?pleasing marks in all subjects. therefore, i need to choose a bigger platform?to improve myself. i think my potential in this field can be fully reached under the guidance of the?erudite professors.



first of all, i am?obsessed with?law, which is very practical and useful. secondly, i find the knowledge that i have?mastered?is not enough to solve mant legal?problems even though i got?pleasing marks in all subjects. thirdly, because of my passion for?law, i want to take?law as my life-long career; therefore, further study in this field is necessary. compared with undergraduates,?postgraduates?tend to have wider scope of knowledge, be more professional and have broader horizon. so it is an indispensable step for my self- development in the future. ?

3、?选择报考院校缘由choose to study at our school/institute


firstly, as a student of high school affiliated to nanjing normal university, studying in?nanjing normal university is my?objective of the struggle. during the college entrance examination, i failed to be enrolled in this university and now i want to fulfill my dream. secondly, i’m deeply attracted by the academic atmosphere, as well as the youthful spirit of students in this university. most importantly, nanjing normal?university has a good reputation in the field where my research interest lies and so many excellent teachers who have strong research abilities. those are the reasons why i choose to further my study here.


1、?研讨生期间学习方案plan/ except to achieve during your study if you are enrolled into this institute


i’ve already made a plan for my postgraduate study. if i am lucky enough to be admitted to this university, i will make good use of the three years in this university. first of all, i will spend all my efforts on pursuing the knowledge of my major.?furthermore, i will draw a detailed research plan?and time schedule, which will help me form a systematic view of my major.besides, i will make sure that i can be familiar with the latest development?of this area by reading as many books and journals as possible. if necessary, i will continue my research and study to get the doctor’s degree . all in all
, i am looking forward to making a solid foundation for my profession and my life in?this great university.?



five years is quite a long time, i would like to divide my future plans into following parts. first of all, if i am admitted, with all the theoretical and practical knowledge, i will find?job?that i am interested in. and i will devote?all my knowledge to the company and my career. besides, as a lifelong learner, i will keep improving myself. i will try to make good use of my spare time reading books i like and do my own research. in addition, i will keep?working out?3 times a week. only when you are healthy will you be energetic and be able to do things you like in the long run.

3、?研讨生期间期望研讨的方向及缘由research direction


i?opt for the civil and commercial law?as the direction of my research. my?strengths and interests?are the main reasons why i choose this research direction. i have interests in studying?the theoretical knowledge and practical application?of civil and commercial law .besides, i hold the belife that i have enough enthusiasm?and persistence?to study civil and commercial law.


1、?如何应对课业担负:course load


i will overcome difficulties with perseverance and persistence. for example, i think my heaviest course load?came when i was a junior student?at college. in that spring semester,?i had?6?courses?and i studied business english on the weekend. besides, i had?to start preparing for the national judical?examination and the postgraduate entrance examination. every day i was too occupied to even enjoy a meal at ease. i’m the kind of people who seldom gives up. so i tried to encourage myself to manage both study and examination?well. you know i really felt a strong sense of achievement in the end of that semester.


【since this course is an online general education course, i didn’t realize that i needed a unified exam. instead, i completed the online exam at my own choice of time, so i was deemed unqualified】



i think i will take part in?the?postgraduate entrance examination?again. if i couldn’t pass the test this time, it means that i am not adequate to some extent, not only in the way of?professional knowledge, but also in the practical aspect. i will face up to the issues, and try to correct these problems and improve myself. so regardless of what the result is, i will never give up on my pursuit of my dream.


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